DVL Messenger Bag

Color: Classic Black
Why did we use Daily Vegan Leather?

Our Daily Vegan Leather is a classic Straightforward favorite, because it's cruelty-free and an intensely durable alternative to cowhide leather. It is water-resistant, guaranteed to last for years, and is available in a sleek selection of colors.

Why did we design this?

We wanted to produce bags that seamlessly complete business attires, because impressions whether first or last, lasts. 

We also made sure that 13" to 15" laptops will perfectly fit. This bag can carry around 3.5 kilograms.


Straightforward's DVL Messenger Bag is width is 4.75 inches, length is 15.75 inches and height is 11 inches.


Can you ship to my country?

Currently, we ship to Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines. We use DHL as our shipping partner.

How much is your shipping fee?

We charge a fixed rate of 10 SGD to orders going to Hong Kong and Singapore.

We are shipping from our design studio in the Philippines. Straightforward frees itself from charges caused by duties and taxes imposed by your country.

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